сряда, 8 декември 2010 г.

Grandpa Dobri

това е моят малък принос към този наистина свят Човек - деветдесет и шестгодишния Дядо Добри.

He doesn’t beg. He doesn’t beg!
He gifts us with the joy of mercy
and money silently collects.
But even when he’s hungry, thirsty

he only wants it to donate
to churches, wants nothing back
Oh, do believe me! He’s a saint.
He doesn’t grovel. He doesn’t beg.

“The Good one” is his name in meaning.
Of him, who kisses children’s hands.
All the faith to this world giving,
he has angels by his side as friends.
Ето как реагираха приятелите ми от poetfreak.com :
nimal dunuhinga

user imagepremji premji
lovely write vessi... he will remain everlasting in my mind... but I have a small question: will the churches distribute this money to the poor or they burn candles?

user imageMari Shine
A story so beautifully penned and narrated, dear Rarebird. Saints come in many different 'guises' and this dear man is suely one, bless him. I have so enjoyed reading. Tfs.............

user imageWhite Knight
VESSY - Lovely story of a Living Saint. In essence he also is an Angel because he gives others the opportunity to show MERCY. It's great that he donates all collects back to the LORD and the Church. We could all be more like that Angel - if we gave more of ourselves to GOD. Thanks for challenging - Yours thru poetry - JOHN X

user imageSylvia Marquetta
beautiful story and poem....enjoyed

user imagebogpan
Christmas is not just for Christmas. It is goodness all year round. This man is real. Like you and me. http://soleilelle.blog.bg/lichni-dnevnici/2010/11/28/diado-dobri-ot-s-bailovo.642154?reply=2406835

user imageMon
This is a amazing piece , dear Rarebird, thanks,

user imageChris G. Vaillancourt
Wonderful words, as always I enjoy your poetry.

user imageShakespeares Waste Bin
Nice thoughts in this lady, well done

снимка: http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net
На български, приблизително, звучи така:

Дядо Добри

Той не проси. Той не проси!
Дарява ни със радостта от милостта
И парите сбрани тихо носи.
Но дори измъчван от жаждата или глада

той иска само тях да ги дари
на църкви, без да иска нищо във замяна.
О, повярвайте! Свети е той, свети
Той не пълзи! Той не проси постоянно.

Добрият неговото име означава
На него, който детските ръце целува
Цялата вяра на този свят дарява
И с ангелите отстрани добрува.