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The Goblin Shtour

chapter 1
Shtour meets Vrabby
/a part of the forhcoming book/
The little goblin Shtour opened his little eyes lazily. He rolled them first to the right – there he usually saw the just raised Moon. Then, to the left, to think some if it was time to wake up or he could lounge some more in his bed. However, this night the Moon was so bright that it was lightening his little hollow both on the left, and on the right, from above and from the down. The little goblin, as all other goblins we’ve heard about, started murmuring.
“What are you gazing at me, old Moony? I gonna turn my backy like this, let my hair downy to covering my eyesy and to lolling my tongue wenting back to bed…”
/in Goblin language it means: “What are you gazing at me, old Moon? I’m going to turn my back like this, let my hair down to cover my eyes and loll my tongue, going back to bed…”
But the Moon didn’t know the Goblin language and went on lightening, because that was its job. Shtour thought the Moon was cross with him and got up from his little bed. He shook to the left and then to the right and shaking, went to the bathroom. There he watered the tips of his fingers and pressed them to his little eyes. He was about to go out of the bathroom when he heard Mother Goblin”
“Washing you goodly. You, goody boy is.” /”Wash yourself well. You are a good boy”/
Murmuring under his nose, “I not, I not,” the goblin washed himself well. Then he slinked in the kitchen and started making funny faces in order to make Mother Goblin laugh. She herself hugged him and gave him delicious food.
Shtour ate well and ran to his favorite glade. There he usually found whatever wonderful things and hid them into his Cache. It was into the hollow of the Big Oak. When he reached the glade, he became startling and his beautiful eyes popped out. He saw such a thing there – with two little legs, two little wings but with a pink little face and motley little eyes. He remembered the stories about vitras but this little thing there didn’t look like a creepy creature with steely nails. In contrary, she was fragile and defenseless and if only he wanted he could bite her with his sharp teeth. After all, Shtour was a good boy and asked:
“What’s you that, you?”
“I’m the little vitra Vrabby. And don’t call me “that” because I gonna dig my nails into your back and you’ll see good-looker. Chuochuo – chuochuo.”
“I wanna not. I wanna not nails into my backy. You’s Bad Vrabby. Ouch-ouch.”
/”I don’t want. I don’t want nails into my back. You’re Bad Vrabby. Ouch-ouch.”/
“Not “ouch-ouch but chuochuo. You, funny goblin. What’s your name?”
“Me Shtour…such things…”
“Chuochuo-chuochuo, come here to give you a hug.”
“No-no-no. You gonna digging you nails…” /”You are going to dig your nails…”/
“I’m not, Shtour. Let’s be friends. I’m going to keep you from all the steel nails all over the Earth.”
“K but if you’s biting myself or you’s digging your nails into my backy I gonna running ‘way…” /”OK but if you bite me or dig your nails into my back, I’ll run away…”/
“Well, Shtour. It’ll be nice to us. I’m going to come to this little glade and we’re going to play and be friends.”
“K, Vrabby, I gonna showing you my littly cachey…” /”OK, Vrabby, I’m going to show you my little cache.”/
* * * Since then Shtour hasn’t been looking to the left when he wakes up. He washes himself well, eats well and…runs to the glade to play with Vrabby. If you see them some night on their lit by the Moon little glade, stop for a while and smile at them. Shtour likes murmuring and Vrabby chuo-ing. And they’re so happy